Advisory Board

Stephen Cercone

Stephen Cercone is a former chief of police from California with almost 30 years of law enforcement experience. He is currently the Global Director of Public Safety & Justice Solutions for Oracle, leading company efforts to bring Oracle solutions to the global market for greater police efficiency, investigation, crime reduction and suspect apprehension. Prior to working at Oracle, Mr. Cercone served at Accenture in the Police Services division for North America. Previously, Mr. Cercone served as Chief of Police for the Seaside Police Department in California. He also served with the San Mateo Police Department in California and the Bellevue Police Department in Washington state. Mr. Cercone has extensive experience in criminal investigations, emergency management and SWAT. In 2010 Mr. Cercone founded Police Chief Consultants LLC, representing police and security technology companies. He currently serves on the advisory board of the International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership at the University of San Francisco. Mr. Cercone is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, holds an Executive Certificate from the California POST Commission and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

Terence Flyntz

Mr. Flyntz has more than 25 years of experience as the owner and CEO of several cyber security services and product development companies that had over 300 million dollars in sales. He has also consulted with several Federal Government Agencies and was recently the System Security Engineering Lead for the design and development of the Security Architecture at the new DHS Headquarters. Mr. Flyntz holds and owns a half dozen patents for cyber security systems developed for the Department of Defense. This includes a NIAP EAL4 Validated Security Product developed and sold by DST to the U.S. Navy and other government customers. Mr. Flyntz recently developed and copyrighted a Cyber Insurance Risk Management Framework for assessing the cyber risk for commercial companies and has a patent pending for a cyber risk scoring system. He currently is the CTP for Delta Security Technologies, a company he founded. Mr. Flyntz holds a BS in Electronincs Engineering from the State University of New York and a JD from American University. He also holds a CISSP certification.

Erik T. Landsness

Erik T. Landsness is a Vice President with Broadmark Asset Management, a San Francisco Bay Area-based RIA. Previously he was an executive with Revere Capital Advisors for five years. Prior to joining Revere, Mr. Landsness held held execrative positions with Wells Fargo’s private bank, West LB Panmure, Thomas Weisel Partners, and Volpe Brown Whelan. Erik began his career in London with Yorkon Securities (now Macquarie Capital Markets) in 1996. Trained as an investment banker, he has acted as a broker, advisor, and business development officer across financial class disciplines from public and private equity to wealth management and venture capital. In 2006, Erik was introduced to the security and defense technology world by joining the Steele Foundation, a multinational risk management and business intelligence company, where he was tasked to stand up the firm’s private client practice. He has a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College of California and an MBA from Richmond College in London, England.

Al Martinez-Fonts

Currently head of the Private Sector office at the U.S. chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. and is affiliated with Adelphi Capital, LLC and Command Consulting Group. As the former Assistant Secretary for the Private Sector Office at the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Martinez-Fonts was charged with providing America’s private sector with a direct line of communication to the Department. He worked directly with individual businesses and through trade associations and other non-governmental organizations to foster dialogue between the private sector and the Department. He served under Secretaries Ridge, Chertoff and Napolitano.

Yuval Rabin

Mr. Rabin currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd. Yuval served as Managing Partner and Founder of Oris Investments Ltd., an investment company with a focus on clean technology. Before that, he was Managing Partner at Rabin, Sheves, Lipkin-Shahak and Birger Partners, Inc., where he led business development for Israeli technologies companies in the evolving U.S. homeland security market and was also Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at BeyondGuide, Inc. From 1985 – 2000, he worked at several technology companies including Esim Inc., Sapiens International and Digital Equipment Corp. – DEC. He completed a five-year program in computer sciences at the IDF computer center. In addition, Yuval was the Chairman of the Peace Generation, where he participated in developing social programs such as day-care centers, after school care, para-military training courses that serve undeprivileged populations. He is a co-founder of the Israeli Peace Initative Program.

Dennis Raefield

Dennis Raefield has more than three decades of operating experience as CEO and COO of large and small security companies, and has overseen hundreds of millions of dollars in product sales. He advises our clients on matters of corporate governance, operations, compensation structures and sales strategies. Mr. Raefield was President of Honeywell Access Systems, a division of Honeywell International, which manufactures enterprise level access control systems for Fortune 100 clients. Prior, Mr. Raefield was President of Pinkerton Systems Integration (now Securitas), a security systems integration business deploying video, access control and alarms to Fortune 500 clients. He was also CEO of Mace Security, a publicly traded manufacturer of security products and was Owner/CEO of Omega Corporate Security, a west coast systems integrator based in the San Francisco area. Mr. Raefield holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University, and is a member of ASIS, SIA, ESA, ISIO, CAA and CSAA.

Brian Tuskan

With over 15 years of corporate security experience as Senior Director of Global Security at the Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Tuskan is a recognized global leader in enterprise security. He has led the Microsoft global enterprise security teams across a number of critical areas, including: physical security operations, technology, intelligence, solution & tools, cloud technology, safety and compliance, communications, retail security, event security and business development. He also led the strategic planning and implementation of Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Centers and is a member of the Microsoft Worldwide Public Safety and Justice Advisory Council. Mr. Tuskan has over 28 years of experience in law enforcement and in the private security sector. He is a subject matter expert in physical security technology (software solutions and integration) and investigations (major crimes, threat management / workplace violence mitigation, asset protection, fraud, compliance, and theft). He spent over 12 years in law enforcement with the City of Redmond Police Department (Washington) and the Honolulu Police Department (Hawaii). During his distinguished law enforcement career, he served as a patrol officer, ATV specialized unit, Specialized Services SWAT tactical team member, criminal intelligence, undercover narcotics detective, and major crimes detective.